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Level 1:  This level introduces students to basic grammar concepts use a hands on approach. Students learn through a process of both written and spoken lessons. Starting from the first class, students will be empowered to write their own sentences based on the grammar they learn. Students learn rules of pronunciation, present tenses, and the most important Spanish verbs including the verb "gustar". At the end of this class, students will be able to greet people, talk about themselves, understand the basics of ordering food, and reserve a hotel room. Also, students will be introduced to an easy way to speak in future tense. Upon completion of this class, students will be able to engage in a Spanish conversation using basic conversation skills.


Level 2:  This level teaches intermediate and advance level grammar concepts and students will have a broader range of Spanish language skills. Students will write paragraphs instead of sentences; they learn how to transition from sentences to paragraphs.  Students will be introduced to direct and indirect object pronouns, simple past and imperfect and will also be introduced to the future tense and the conditional.  At the end of this class, students will have an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language. At the end of this level students will have an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language. Also, these classes will offer practical tips to the students for gaining more exposure to Spanish.


Level 3: For advanced students. This course will stress the expansion of the student's active vocabulary and language skills. Classroom activities will center on a thorough review of the most important aspects of Spanish grammar, as well as active oral use of the language. Creative Conversation is an ongoing conversation class for students who want to continue practicing the language. Students will be able to converse in a relaxed environment. The teacher will provide support and guidance to the group. During the classes the group will engage in spontaneous conversations allowing the students to practice their own skills. Students are encouraged to talk about their trips to Spanish-speaking countries, to share their adventures with the group, and their knowledge about the culture. Students will learn idioms and more vocabulary. At the end of each class, all of the students will see improvement in their conversational skills.

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